Learning Technology Services

independent software research & development

Research & Development

Learning Technology Services provides Research and Development Services to a range of companies who use or produce software. Our focus is on leading edge, innovative technologies which can seriously extend and enhance the user experiences of computing and communication. Working with International Standards and Open Source software is key to our approach.

Company expertise can be applied to every aspect of the development cycle from initial concept, research and patenting through to evaluation and refinement of existing solutions. We are not tied to one specific methodology or set of tools, but offer a genuinely independent approach to aiding organisations with software development and deployment issues.

While we can work across a broad spectrum of areas, we tend to focus on a few key approaches which are 'of the moment'. Currently these are:

  • Mobile Application and Communication software
  • Mobile web development
  • Web development (including mobile web)
  • User Interaction/ Interface design/ Human - Computer Interaction
  • Documentation, authoring and training

Please contact info@ltslimited.co.uk to discuss your requirements and find out whether we can be of assistance.

IT reviews

Information Technology is an essential component of any business - big or small. It is a constantly changing area with facilities improving and costs decreasing all the time. If you have not reviewed your IT provision recently, then you should do so.

We can come to your business, review the way you work, look at your existing IT, and make independent recommendations about changes you could make. We compare your provision with that of similar companies, examine the new developments that might be relevant, and provide you with a report on the current and future IT options for your organisation. We can include costs and business cases as appropriate.

Requirements Capture and Specification

When you need a new software and/or hardware solution, an impartial view on your needs and requirements is essential. We provide this service. We can identify and interview stakeholders, capture the requirements and specify the solution you need. We can even deliver the solution in most cases.

This service can cover anything from designing low-level hardware (e.g. modems) and firmware up to complete organisational infrastructure. We have expertise and experience at all these levels.

Rapid prototyping

Building your own software is not cheap. We are experts in Agile methodologies and Rapid prototyping. This means you can have a system designed, prototyped and trialled in a very short time period. By doing this, you iron out many of the issues before you enter an expensive programming and development cycle. We can conduct this process and provide detailed information to any development team (in-house or external) that you choose.

Web Development

We build web applications compliant with all the standards, satisfying accessibility requirements, and using the latest techniques. We ensure our sites work across all the platforms, including computers, phones, tablets, and games machines.

Business Analysis and Modelling

Our company has worked with thousands of businesses in almost every sector you can imagine. We have a strong background in analysing businesses and providing an independent view of their operation, strengths and weaknesses. Any company, from a single person to a large corporate can benefit from this.

Mobile applications

We are leading edge, highly experienced developers of web applications. Members of the team have been developing hand-held applications since 1992 (for Psion and Palm). We delivered what is arguably the first ‘mobile app’ in the world in 2003. We support client-server architectures in a mobile environment, and can design and deliver both ends of the solution. Our focus is on mobile applications for business. We deliver across Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry and WebOS platforms. Our clients include Vodafone, O2, and British Telecom (BT).

Legacy systems and updating

Many companies use IT systems which they have used for many years. They feel tied to them because they are bespoke, because the original supplier has gone out of business or because they have a lot of information tied up in them. The developments in IT mean that there are almost always cleaner, more flexible, more powerful and cheaper solutions.

We know many systems developed since the 1970’s and can quickly understand other bespoke platforms. We can extract and reformat your information to work with newer, cheaper and better systems. The savings in software costs and maintenance contracts can be huge.

Technical Authoring and Training

High quality documentation is essential for any product, whether internal or public. Our services include a complete documentation process: extracting, analysing and maintaining core data; developing internal technical documentation; providing user guides and manuals; offering document management facilities.

We produce books, articles, online help, web sites, training materials, trainer guides, reference documents and much more. We maintain synchronisation between these documents.

We can deliver on paper, the web, e-books, embedded help, TV, Radio and any other medium you require (even beer-mats).

Intellectual property protection

Intellectual property is of growing importance in an electronic world. We can help you through this maze. We are very experienced in IPR, and hold many patents ourselves. If you have an idea that you feel may be worth developing and protecting, then we are happy to help you through the process. We can assess the potential, develop proof-of-concept systems, and guide you through the processes of copyright, trademark and patenting across the world.